PPACA (Kansas)

Need Health Policy & Obamacare Assistance?

There are health insurance subsidies in the form of price reductions and/or tax rebates available to many Americans!  These can be obtained through the exchanges or through state or federal agencies.

Health policies are available at no extra cost even for people with pre-existing conditions!  For direct access to the exchanges available through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as the PPACA or “Obamacare”), go to www.healthcare.gov .  Once there, you will need to click APPLY NOW, and then set up a  log in to the Kansas marketplace, and follow the directions.  Note: to log in, you will need to have access to your email, to confirm your registration.

You should shortly be shown a screen labeled Help applying for coverage.  In this screen, you should enter my broker information, and I will thus be able to assist you.   It is very important to make sure that my broker information is entered there and on the application, or I will not be allowed to assist you!


My agent info is:

Agent Name: Joel Rutledge

NPN: 6102405

FFM User ID: KansasB


ONLY if you enter this agent info am I allowed to assist you.  From there, you can get quotes, and then email me at joel@kansasbenefits.com, or call me at 316-689-8596 and ask me for help figuring out which policy is best for you.  There is also an agent-assisted method that should be available shortly, but in the meantime, this is the best method for getting assistance in getting an exchange health plan.

The exchange process will also check to see if there are Medicare or Medicaid options available, so it is a one-stop, no-wrong-door method of looking for healthcare.  The system will check to see what if any financial assistance is available to you for health care options.

As a result, you will be giving a lot of personal information.  Do NOT give your information out to people that call you on the phone or that contact you directly!  Protect yourself from scams, by using a licensed insurance agent, or the federal site www.healthcare.gov as listed above, or in person through state or federal agencies.  You can check with the Kansas Insurance Commissioners website or via phone to verify that an agent is licensed. If the exchange calls you, dont talk, call them back at the number on the website!

Most persons will find the CoventryOne policies to be 20% lower in cost than the BCBS, and most will want the Silver + Integrated, PPO plan.  PPOs allow more choice and less referrals than POS plans.  If you use many non-generic prescriptions, the policies that are NOT integrated will work better for you.

You can also visit my website, www.kansasbenefits.com for additional policy options, including some quote engines you can use to quote yourself, with insurance companies that are not available on the exchange.  Feel free to share this page with others.  You may also contact me through my site, for more personal assistance.


Information provided by:

Joel Rutledge

Agent/Broker, Kansas Benefits

9415 E. Harry, Ste 704, Wichita, KS 67207

joel@kansasbenefits.com   316-689-8596